Microsoft Operationg System License With NComputing System

23 Jan

Multiple Users on a Single OS Requires Microsoft Windows Server Licensing

For applications where multiple interactive users are simultaneously sharing a single operating system, standard Microsoft Windows Server licensing applies. This means that the shared host computer (or virtual machine) runs a Microsoft Windows Server operating system.

In addition a Microsoft Windows Server Client Access License (WS CAL) and a Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Client Access License (RDS CAL – formerly known as a Microsoft Terminal Services Client Access License or TS CAL) are required for each end-user or device that accesses Windows Server.

Also, Microsoft’s new Windows Multipoint Server 2011 can be used and requires a Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 CAL (WMS CAL) for each access device (and for the host computer if the host computer is used as a user station).* The diagram at right shows an example configuration with five users sharing a single computer running Windows MultiPoint Server 2011.

For further details on Microsoft’s multi-user licensing please refer to Microsoft’s website and licensing brief titled: “Licensing Windows Client Operating Systems in Multiuser Scenarios.”

Use Model Example Configuration Applicable
Supported OSes **
Multi-user Single OS
Multiple simultaneous interactive users sharing a single operating system
See diagram U-series
Windows Server 2003 R2
Windows Server 2008
Windows Multipoint Server 2011
* Note that under Microsoft Volume Licensing Academic Programs, Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Academic is required on the host computer and both a Windows Server CAL and WMS CAL are required for each user station.** Refer to the Knowledge Base for current OS support information.
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