26 Jan

Happy New Year

As we kick off 2012, I would like to thank our customers and partners worldwide for their partnership and business last year. The new year ahead is very promising — we have exciting and innovative offerings in store for you and later in this letter I will share my thoughts on what to expect from NComputing in 2012.

First, let’s take a quick look back at 2011. It was a year full of historic change, financial challenges as well as economic instability around the world. Organizations worldwide faced growing global competition, budget pressures and a need to do more with less. IT projects with questionable business impact were put on hold. Select projects offering immediate Return On Investment (ROI) became a high priority. Under these challenging circumstances, an even larger number of organizations turned to NComputing’s VDI solutions to solve their computing needs. In doing so, these customers gained both immediate savings (up to 75%) and ongoing management savings (up to 75%), all while managing their growing computing deployments with their current IT resources. We have 20 customer stories and case studies from 2011 that describe how IT administrators in education, healthcare and small to midsize businesses saved money and time with our solutions

Company Highlights for 2011:

  • NComputing exceeded 3 Million seats deployed worldwide, making it one of the fastest growing desktop virtualization companies
  • IDC ranked NComputing as #1 Market Share Leader in Asia Pacific, India and Latin America, and #2 or #3 worldwide
  • Multiple organizations deployed our solutions at scale — ranging from 5000 seats to more than 50,000 seats
  • vSpace Server 6.5 released in September, once again changed the VDI economics by being able to scale user densities up to 100 users per physical server while delivering a rich user experience. Try our new solution now
  • Expanded vSpace Server support for the latest Microsoft operating systems including Windows Multipoint Server (WMS) 2011 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 for multi-user and Windows 7 for 1:1 VDI
  • Strengthened alliance partnership with Microsoft in Latin America and Asia Pacific regions with many joint wins
  • New partnership announcement with Citrix to deliver an NComputing HDX Ready System-on-Chip based thin client for enterprise customers. Learn more

So, in a tough and turbulent year that was 2011, we grew our company and emerged stronger.

What To Expect in 2012

We are in the midst of a computing revolution. For many decades, the only choice for computing was the desktop PC and yes, you had to be at your desk to use it. There are so many device choices available today. In 2011, tablets caught the imagination of tens of millions of users. Netbooks fell from grace due to their lack of performance and 2 year refresh requirements. Ultrabooks are around the corner in 2012. With so many choices, users want to pick their own device creating the need for IT administrators to support BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device). We don’t believe that the PC or computing is dead. On the contrary we believe NComputing will continue to enable millions of new users to get access to computing in the future. What will be different is helping IT deliver a rich user experience to any device, as well as deliver any app — whether based on Windows or other operating systems.

In 2012, we will continue to focus on what makes NComputing hardware and software products unique: Simple, Powerful and Most Affordable desktop virtualization solution in the world. Here are some of the areas of product and service innovation you will see from the NComputing team through the year:

  • Yes to BYOD, mobility and re-use of existing PCs. Tablets, notebooks, and smartphones will be able to connect to a vSpace Server via a software client. Our vSpace Client for Windows is already in beta. Click here to participate. We are planning support for additional platforms.
  • Simplified and scalable management for mid- to large-sized deployments
  • The next generation of our NumoTM System-on-Chip powering advanced thin clients that will change your beliefs about what you can expect from a thin client
  • Improved technical support platform, online community and tools that make it easy to get your technical questions answered quickly and accurately
  • New thin client that provides native support for Citrix HDX for enterprise customers and partners.

I am thrilled about the new offerings we have in store for you and I look forward to an exciting new year.

Wishing you the best

Raj Dhingra
CEO NComputing

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