NComputing FOR LINUX ON UBUNTU 8.0.4

20 Feb

Ubuntu Supplement to X350 & X550 User’s Guide
NComputing X350 & X550 vSpace Software
for Linux on Ubuntu 8.04

Installing Ubuntu 8.04
You can locate and download Ubuntu 8.04 (LTS) from:

Please use only a clean image from one of the Ubuntu ftp sites as vSpace is designed to work with
the kernel, desktop and packages that are included in the LTS version.

1. Download Desktop Edition; Ubuntu 8.04 LTS install CD image
2. Create Ubuntu 8.04 System CD-R
3. Insert Ubuntu 8.04 Disk into System and Power-on/boot the system 4. Ubuntu Install screen opens with option(s) for running the installation program andalso has function key selectible setting at the bottom of the screen

  • Press F4 (function key 4) to access Modes
  • Then Select: “Safe graphics mode“ (Insures base host video card is correctly   identified)

5. Use keyboard arrow keys to highlight “Install Ubuntu“ and press Enter
6. At the appropriate install screens, Select

  • Language
  • Time Zone Setting
  • Keyboard Layout Setting (select appropriate Country)
  • Disk Preparation: Select “Guided Option; Use Entire Disk“
  • System Administrator Set-up: Enter “User Name“ and “Password“ Information

7. Ready to Install: Press Enter to Proceed
8. Installation Completes
9. Now Restart/Reboot System
10. After the system reboot, the Ubuntu Desktop should come up and present Username login prompts
11. Log into the system with appropriate “username and password.” The “User” must have
system “administrative rights” to continue the installation; however, the Username and
password supplied during the system’s initial Ubuntu 8.04 install are recognized to have
administrative rights. (note that your Ubuntu 8.04 installation should have 2.6.24-23- (or 24)
generic kernel installed)

********* Even if prompted following this login, DO NOT INSTALL Ubuntu UPDATES *********
12. Now, copy the X550 Ubuntu 8.04 NComputing vSpace installation file to the desktop.
xseries_3.0.1479-2_i386.deb ( or the most recent version of vSpace for Ubuntu )

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