The Industry’s First 3-in-1 Thin Client: The NComputing M300

06 Mar
The Industry’s First 3-in-1 Thin Client:  The NComputing M300

NComputing has announced the M300, an entirely new virtual desktop device that redefines what is possible in a thin client. The M300 delivers customers a 3-in-1 device that provides a rich PC experience to 3 users simultaneously at 1/3rd the cost of PCs and other thin clients as well as dramatically lower power and networking infrastructure. The M300 enables customers to deploy more computing per budget dollar, spend less on power and facility upgrades, and manage more efficiently with fewer IT resources.

Available immediately in APAC, the M300 is targeted at local workgroups from 3 to 45 virtual desktop users in environments like classrooms, labs, libraries, shared office workspaces, business centers, and call centers.

Said David Smith, Director of Technology, Oakland School for the Arts, “I like that the M300 can be used in environments where you only have 1 LAN port and power switch. There is nothing like it on the market. More bang for your buck”.

Watch the webinar on demand and hear directly from David Smith as he shares his experience with deploying the M300 in academic classrooms throughout OSA.  Watch now.

Read on for additional details of the new M300 and links to learn more…

Key Features:

  • Each M300 kit has three (3) client devices but only requires a single power plug and network connection.
  • Includes next generation multi-tenant Numo2 SoC for enhanced multimedia and full-screen HD video playback.
  • Video resolution to 1440 x 900 at 24 bits.
  • Share one host PC with up to 45 M300 users with included vSpace Server desktop virtualization software.
  • Energy-efficient (typically 2 watts per user).

Device Requirements: The M300 can be used to connect to Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 for multi-user applications and M300 stations can also individually connect to Windows 7 SP1 (32 or 64 bit) for single-user applications such as 1:1 VDI and digital display systems.  Support for Linux will be available in Q2.

vSpace Server Requirements:  NComputing has released vSpace 6.6 Server virtualization software for the new M300 kit. This release enables vSpace’s many outstanding features for the M300 and is “required” for any new M300 deployment. vSpace 6.6 also features a common installer for both the L-series and M-series products; therefore it is also the latest update for the L-series product line.

Note:  The 6.6 update is not required for existing L-series installations but it is advised as it includes both vSpace Server and L300 firmware enhancements.

Learn more:

Read the press release.

Visit the NComputing Product Page for M300 supporting materials.

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